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Some ideas about shopping locally for the holidays….

Nowadays we realize that it is unrealistic for us to expect any but the most diehard “buy local” supporter to give up online shopping completely…no matter how hard we try to enlist your sense of community spirit & social conscience.  So here’s what we, as one local shop, would like you to keep in mind as you proceed with your holiday gift getting…

First,  if there’s something you are shopping for, from a vendor we stock…before you hit that “Add to Cart” button…just give us a call.  The odds are very good we can get the same item for you at the very same price, or maybe even less.  What’s more, we don’t charge shipping for items or orders over $50 and we’ll even put it in a gift box ready to go under the tree.

Second,  take an afternoon and stroll around downtown Sandpoint.  Go into some of the shops you haven’t been in for awhile, or maybe never.  Check it out and you might be surprised at what you’ll find.  There really is a diverse assortment of shops in this town, with a great variety of products & services. Besides that, it’s pretty festive with all the lights up.

Happy Holidays.  Thanks for supporting Small Businesses and their Employees.

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